Sample Celebration Dinner

Hor derves and champagne in the common room by the fire

Brie en Croute: baked brie with cranberry and walnuts wrapped in a puff pastry

Cheese board: large oval platter served with 3 types cheese goat cheese from Berkshire Charlamont Farm,
Sharp Cheddar from Granville MA and Berkshire Blu from Monteray, MA

LAVASH sesame crackers from Stockbridge, MA

Fresh Fruit: grapes, sliced pear and apples and fragrant roasted almonds


Baby arugula salad with vinaigrette

Beef bourguignon: local grass fed  beef slowly braised in wine
Root vegetables young carrot,parsnip braised celery root and mushroom served over  Savory Bread Pudding


Chocolate Souffle with served with Decadent Dark Chocolate Raspberry sauce  and fresh whipped cream

fresh strawberries dipped in  chocolate

Dinner charged per person.  Prices subject to change by market price

Guests will provide their own wine and champagne